Silca OBD Snoop ID88 (AES) Transponder Cloning Device (Volkswagen/Audi/Seat/Skoda) ADA2101


Clones MG/AES 88 (MQB) for VW Group MQB. RW5 or Smart Aerial+ is required to use this device.

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Cloud Cloning Solution Silca OBD Snoop ID88 (AES) Transponder Cloning Device

OBD Snoop ID88. A world-first cloning solution compatible with Volkswagen* Group MQB.
For Volkswagen/Audi/Seat/Skoda (ADA2101)

A world-first cloning solution for best-selling models like the Golf, Polo, Tiguan, Audi* A3, Skoda* Octavia and the Seat* Ibiza.
The new OBD Snoop ID88 from Advanced Diagnostics used together with the RW5 or Smart Aerial+ and the MYKEYS Pro app, clones bladed keys for a range of Volkswagen* Group MQB models.

Compatable with the new universal transponder from Silca:- The GTI-ULTRA (rewritable 3 times).

This Advanced Diagnostics OBD Snoop ID88 is a world-first cloning solution for popular Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda models. It is used together with an RW5 or Smart Aerial+ and the MyKeys Pro app to clone bladed keys.
Connecting directly to the vehicles OBD socket this snoop is powered by the vehicle battery and the collected data is communicated to the MyKeys Pro app remotely via Bluetooth.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all vehicle systems are covered. If a particular vehicle is not covered, after the snoop process the RW5 or SA+ will display 'MODEL NOT SUPPORTED'.
Reliable and familiar process
Connects directly to the vehicles OBD port
Data communicated to MyKeysPro app remotely via Bluetooth
Works with the RW5 and Smart Aerial+
For cloning ID88 Volkswagen Group vehicles

Silca RW5 or Smart Aerial+ are required to use this device.

A3 2012-2017
Q2 2017-2019
S3 2015-2017
Ateca 2016-2018
Cupra 2016-2017
Ibiza 2015-2017
Leon 2012-2023
Toledo 2013-2023
Fabia 2014-2020
Octavia 2014-2023
Rapid 2013-2023
Superb 2015-2023
Crafter 2018-2023
Golf 2013-2018
Polo 2014-2017
Tiguan 2015-2018
Touran 2016-2023

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